A personal journey out of the classroom (9): REALLY leaving teaching, Part II

I spent a week at home messing around and then started getting my act together.

I contacted a former colleague from my ‘hokey cokey’ days back in school where I worked on an education project for a day a week. Fortuitously for me, the organisation had significantly changed and were employing people to do piecemeal work for them. Yes- I could do that- I’d pretty much do anything!

So I worked a day or two a week for this organisation- a bit of training, a bit of writing stuff, a bit of supporting staff. Then they won a long-term project bid and from that point to now, I continue to work for them as a freelancer. I also freelance for several other organisations in my areas of expertise and passion.

A few months into this relaxed new life, I applied for a contracted part-time job- a regular pay cheque! I was successful and continue in this role too. Contracts come and go and the nature of this work is never guaranteed but I am also picking up my own freelance work, and getting recommendations, which feels great.

Whilst I am happy in my work- more than ever- I often have conversations with colleagues and teachers I meet along the way, both face to face or on social media, who like me reached the end of their tether. It is nothing to be ashamed of, or guilty about.


In April 2014 I started this blog, as I woke up one day with a realisation that it might help somebody else in the same position. If reading my story or the guest blogs has helped any teachers feel empowered, or less sad, or positive about leaving the classroom, I will be very happy.

Good luck, everyone. Live long and prosper.

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