A personal journey out of the classroom (6)

At the end of this year of secondment (see personal journey out of the classroom 5), a nearby Local Authority was advertising a more senior role. My line manager was aware that the secondment year was finishing and shoved the job ad under my nose. “Apply for it” she said “ Look- it’s permanent”.

I read it and dismissed it immediately- after all it was a senior post- managing people! That seemed far beyond my capabilities. I was also very happy in my team and in my role… but the end of year was looming. Could I transition back into class again? Colleagues and friends at this point were applying to do the NPQH (Headship qualification) but I just knew that wasn’t for me.

Imagine my shock and surprise when I actually got the job!! I ended up in the best professional experience I could have possibly had- fantastic colleagues, a rare yet effective management structure that both nurtured and didn’t micro manage (which I hate), and a team to manage who were on my wavelength. In addition, colleagues were also highly educated, skilled and brought massive academic credibility to our work. I learnt loads and felt very blessed. These were the most enjoyable years I’d spent in education thus far.

And then the slow decline of Local Authority services began and the hatchet came down on several colleagues. One by one, often out of the blue, many colleagues received their marching orders. The team I managed was deleted without a second glance. I was still standing. At the next opportunity I chose to leave, taking a stand about the cuts and trying to buy some time for those who were less flexible in their working and personal lives. They all followed within a year.

I had some time to consider what to do and decided that perhaps now was the time to go back to school and try again. So with trepidation I applied and was successful in an application to school senior leadership, the details of which will be scant, as the situation was fairy unique and might identify me.

What WAS I letting myself in for?

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