Guest Blog 1: Leaving the Big Smoke

I left a central London secondary school to work closer to home. Why? Well I’d spent over 9 years commuting into London, so working close to home was a major factor. It was still a bit of a risk – the new job was a maternity cover, leading a Local Authority Team in their Education Service, a bit of a change from my school role and no real guarantee that it would last beyond the year.

It involved a change in working patterns as well. No longer in one school, my week saw me working in different schools, sometimes for a day, sometimes less. There was (and still is) a strong element of staff training, as well as working alongside individual teachers and supporting small groups of pupils. In addition, I found myself in primary schools. And the job changed a bit to include wider support in language learning as well. Great fun!

I miss the regular contact and relationships that you build when you are based in one school. But this job, as an advisory teacher, is more strategic and has different challenges. It can be frustrating at times and really rewarding at other times. No two days are the same.

I don’t miss commuting at all!

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